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Unveiling Islam is a Myriad Foundation initiative that aims to deliver lessons, assemblies, workshops and presentations on Islamic topics to schools, public/private sector institutions, organisations and enterprises.

The Unveiling Islam project aims to tackle a variety of important topics about Islam, delivered by engaging presenters, based on exam board curriculum and designed to mirror the learning outcomes of school syllabuses.

The aims of the workshops/lessons are two fold:

  1. Promote positive academic progress and personal development of students.

  2. To help foster an understanding of the faith and its adherents whilst also dispelling common myths

The Myriad Foundation’s Unveiling Islam team conducts their own highly integrative and engaging Islamophobia assemblies in Manchester, having presented to over 1500
students and teachers to date.

How we can help you?

If your school/organisation has a specific criteria or topic  that is not currently covered, the Unveiling Islam delivery
team will work with you to create a free of charge bespoke workshop that will deliver to your desired outcomes.

Our workshops are delivered for free!

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