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The project entails engaging with the public and conducting questionnaires with the tag line ‘Have Your Say’.

The Awareness Project is a Myriad Foundation project where volunteers trained to deliver the service conduct questionnaires with the general public.

The purpose behind this service is to first and foremost gain an understanding of what the general public have to say about their community, the people in that community and to share their concerns on what matters to them most. This can include matters of religion, social services, community initiatives and local and national news.

The Myriad Foundation are extremely pleased to announce the release of our Awareness Project report. Through the Awareness Project we have collated and analysed questionnaires conducted with the public, which look to get the public's views on:

  • The Community

  • Muslims in the community

  • The public's knowledge on Islam

  • General news and information

The report gives an insight into some interesting findings, which include results and analysis to questions like:

  • "What 3 words come to your mind when you hear the word Muslims?"

  • "Does Religion make people better or worse?"

  • "What improvements would you like to see in the community?"

  • "Do you believe the news to be 100% factual?"

Click here to read the full report 

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