The project looks to tackle the digital divide which exists in our society and we look to equip those who may not have been brought up with technology, with basic ICT skills. 

Some of the essential skills My Tech Buddy aim to equip adults with are those needed to communicate online, create accounts, stay safe online and general web browsing. 

The course is usually around 7 lessons but are usually extended with lessons made up with game sessions using websites and software with pre-created games e.g. Battleship on Microsoft Excel as well as discover sessions where the learner surfs the websites they have an interest in. 

Each learner has access to an individual workstation/laptop that has internet access. We have developed both Level 1 and a more advanced Level 2 course. 

My Tech Buddy Level one looks into: 

- Navigation and file management 
- Surfing the web effectively using search engines. 
- setting up email accounts
- sending emails (attachments, forwarding, replying).
- staying safe online



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